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First released over 10 years ago, React changed the game. It introduced a component-based framework with a virtual DOM and one-way data flow. Whether on its own, or as part of Next.js, React is one of Mindgrub's most relied-upon Javascript libraries.

Dynamic Interfaces. Solid Foundations.

We love React because it’s best-in-class. More than that, there’s a strong community around React and it integrates well with existing technologies. We’ve used React to power everything from health tech apps to the world’s largest hackathon with NASA.

React Rules the Web*

React has been a go-to library for quickly creating interactive websites and web applications. It’s trusted by developers across industries and across platforms, and it’s one of Mindgrub’s core JavaScript solutions.

*and with React Native, it cleans up on mobile too.


of the top 10k websites

#1 JavaScript library

React is the most popular way to build web apps for a reason. It's solidly engineered, supports a great developer experience, and gives us confidence in the code we write.

Ben Slavin, SVP Strategy & Design, Mindgrub

Component-Based Architecture

React is designed to let developers create reusable UI components. This modular approach simplifies development, improves code organization, and enhances collaboration. Our design team has also adopted this approach to streamline and overall component-based systems approach.

Virtual DOM and One-Way Data Flow

React’s shadow DOM allows (comparatively) light-weight element manipulation, minimizing and optimizing direct manipulation of the actual DOM. This results in faster rendering and improved performance, especially in complex applications. React also enforces a unidirectional data flow, making it easier to track data changes and maintain predictable application behavior. We’ve seen it simplify debugging and reduces side effects.

Flexible Data Sources

Modern React apps are often coupled with a GraphQL backend, but React’s flexibility means it supports REST APIs and even raw CSV or JSON data sources.

Mindgrub is the clear choice for React development

Mindgrub’s approach empowers your business with a user-focused, secure, scalable, and cost-effective React app that’s supported by a trusted and experienced team. This strong foundation can drive user engagement, customer trust, and business growth.

  • Solidly engineered

    Mindgrub's in-house engineering and QA teams mean you can rely on the quality of the apps we build.

  • Focused on the right problems

    Our integrated process empowers the people who matter most, whether they're your customers, your partners, or your team.

  • Award winning

    Mindgrub has won nearly 200 industry awards, recognizing the quality and impact of work.

  • Secure and reliable

    Mindgrub takes security seriously. We are SOC II Type 2 certified, and follow rigorous security practices.

  • Exceptional value with transparent pricing

    Our integrated teams and collaborative approach bring efficiency and quality to our work.

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