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Cost-effective health tech solutions

Rising costs are a concern for all. Custom application development lets you serve your clients and patients more efficiently, while advanced analytics and machine learning offer predictive insights. Mindgrub is your ideal digital partner to boost patient engagement, unleash machine learning, and bring analytics to modern healthcare.

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We build health and wellness technology that people want to use

Your work should make an impact. With custom design and development, Mindgrub makes it happen. Our deep experience making and marketing software in the health technology space makes us the perfect partner for your next project.

Revitalizing staff experiences

We’ve seen the challenges healthcare professionals face. Through AI-optimized scheduling, Mindgrub can help you ensure staffing needs are met, reducing nurse shortages and elevating patient care.

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Transformative training solutions

Yearly training doesn’t have to be tedious. A gamified AR/VR training experience with built-in KPIs offers a hands-on, engaging approach, ensuring better knowledge retention. Perfect for the evolving healthcare landscape.

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Empowering through mobile technology

Mindgrub’s mobile expertise can better connect you to your staff. We’ve built a team of mobile health tech experts. Integration with your HRIS can enable staff to make informed decisions. Meanwhile, AI sentiment analysis identifies burnout trends, letting institutions proactively address morale issues.

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Operational excellence

Outdated systems and siloed data can become relics of the past. With our seamless web portals and integrative solutions, data flows effortlessly, minimizing documentation redundancy and improving patient engagement.


predicted cost reduction in all healthcare spending due to AI


increase in telehealth since 2020

Optimized health tech solutions

Half-baked portals and basic apps no longer suffice in today’s healthcare tech landscape. Our expertise ensures intuitive telehealth platforms, superior UI/UX designs, and smarter data processing for wearables.

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Patient-first digital platforms

Our human-centered approach to systems design means that we care deeply about enhancing patient engagement and transforming patient connections. Whether it’s AI chatbots in healthcare for immediate queries or comprehensive health portals, Mindgrub’s team of telehealth platform professionals is committed to making every patient’s journey smoother and more informed.

Building an intuitive healthcare portal to match patients with the right providers
  • In making their flagship product extensible to member-facing healthcare organizations, ArmadaHealth contracted with Mindgrub to develop an enterprise-grade, web-based software platform.
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The strategic use of AI in healthcare is the key to addressing longstanding industry challenges that have been with us since the beginning.

Sasha Castro, Engagement Director, Mindgrub

Employee wellness

Mental health is crucial. We’ve created dedicated mobile apps focused on wellness, connecting staff to vital resources. Paired with AI chatbot engagement, it’s a holistic approach to workplace well-being.

Navigating cannabis in healthcare

With strict regulations, cannabis marketing requires nuance. We champion this with a content strategy rooted in education, emphasizing the medicinal potential of cannabis in areas like sleep, pain management, and anxiety relief.


Accelerating healthcare R&D

The sheer volume of medical data can be daunting. But with our AI analysis, R&D is revolutionized, paving the way for promising treatments and cost-efficient research.

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