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For more than 20 years, Mindgrub has been pioneering digital solutions. Our team uses .NET to craft robust and scalable back-end architectures, while also taking advantage of its versatility for comprehensive application development.

One Framework. Comprehensive Solutions.

Mindgrub harnesses the power of .NET for building scalable, secure, and high-performance web, desktop, and mobile applications. Whether it’s ASP.NET for web applications, .NET Core for cross-platform needs, or Xamarin for mobile, we’ve got the expertise to deliver robust solutions. We seamlessly integrate with both traditional databases like SQL Server and modern solutions like Entity Framework.

Industry-leading partnerships

Our commitment to excellence is strengthened by strategic alliances. With partnerships spanning Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GCP, Mindgrub ensures that your .NET applications are hosted on best-in-class platforms, guaranteeing reliability and scalability.

.NET at the Heart of Enterprise:

.NET, backed by Microsoft, offers unparalleled security, performance, and integration capabilities. From web services to microservice architectures, it drives the core of enterprise-grade solutions, adapting to the diverse needs of modern businesses.

True cross-platform support from mobile and web, to Windows and even MacOS.

Trusted by most Fortune 500 companies for mission-critical applications.


A pioneer in web application development, ASP.NET empowers developers to create dynamic, feature-rich web applications. With the evolution to ASP.NET Core, it’s even more agile, supporting cross-platform development. Mindgrub utilizes its MVC architecture to ensure separation of concerns and modular development.


Bridging the mobile development gap, Xamarin allows for the creation of native iOS, Android, and Windows apps using a single .NET codebase. Developers can tap into its potential to deliver consistent user experiences across platforms while saving on development time.

Entity Framework

Streamlining data access, Entity Framework is our go-to Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool. By abstracting the database layer, it speeds up development and ensures data consistency, while allowing for flexibility and scalability.


A game-changer in web development, Blazor allows for building interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. Developers leverage Blazor for SPAs and rich client-side functionality, tapping into the full power of .NET on the web.

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