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Educational technology, transformed

In an age where education transcends traditional classrooms, Mindgrub empowers institutions with cutting-edge solutions. By integrating AI, VR, and custom application development, we bridge the gap between modern learners and innovative educational experiences. Unlock the future of learning with Mindgrub as your technological guide.

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Empowering the next generation of learners

Mindgrub’s founder and CEO was an educator, so we know that education isn’t just about transmitting information; it’s about making a lasting impact. At Mindgrub, we don’t just create educational tools; we craft experiences. Drawing from our technological expertise and an understanding of the evolving educational landscape, we’re your partner in sculpting the future of education. Your vision, amplified by our innovation, paves the way for transformative learning experiences.

Elevating student experience

Whether it’s streamlining online course enrollment, connecting them to curriculum, or providing intuitive platforms to discover campus services, we prioritize making every student’s journey seamless and enriching.

Mindgrub is an award winning WordPress and Drupal development agency.

Safety, well-being, and connectedness

In an era where mental health and safety are paramount, our solutions ensure students can easily access support services, promoting a holistic educational experience. Additionally, notification systems, student experience applications, and student-centered technologies can help you engage in an open dialogue with your campus.

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Creating inclusive digital environments

Students expect a equitable, diverse, and inclusive campus. For most, it’s non-negotiable. By combining thoughtful content strategy, human centered design, and AI to optimize digital experiences, we work to ensure every student, regardless of background, identity, or ability, can navigate and benefit from educational resources.

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We were really pleased with Mindgrub’s work, their energy, their ideas—they felt like they were Coppin...They were in it as much for us as we were for ourselves, so we were really happy to have them on board.

Melissa Rigby, Lead Digital Apps Development at Coppin State University

Technology drives change in education

Digital platforms, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality are enhancing personalized learning, allowing content to be tailored to individual students’ needs and pacing. This technological evolution not only enhances the teaching and learning experience but also prepares students for a digitized, globalized future.


of educators believe technology has a positive impact on education


of college students want mobile access to course material

Engaging the modern learner

Traditional learning methods don’t always resonate with today’s students. Mindgrub can infuse gamification into the educational process, creating adaptive learning games that captivate, challenge, and educate.

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Educators need to partner with industry and career workstreams to develop work processes that leverage automation and robotics with gaming at the core.

Todd Marks, CEO, Mindgrub

Redefining recruitment

Drawing inspiration from successful collaborations with several universities, we design innovative strategies to attract, engage, and enroll the next generation of learners.

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Tutoring evolved

AI-driven virtual tutors redefine what on-demand assistance means, guaranteeing support any hour of the day, ensuring every student feels academically supported. Mindgrub is constantly experimenting with AI and using it to solve real-world problems.

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Virtual campus experiences

A physical visit isn’t the only way to feel the spirit of a campus. Through integrated VR and AR technologies, prospective students can immerse themselves in campus life from any corner of the world. Mindgrub can help create these hybrid worlds.

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