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Award-winning mobile applications designed for any platform.

Mindgrub creates mobile apps made to inspire. Whether you are launching a startup or building an app for millions of users, we develop and market mobile applications for any platform. We are your experts in well-architected iOS, Android, React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter applications.

End-to-end Mobile Solutions

Our expertise isn’t just skin-deep. We delve into the heart of mobile systems, creating robust backend integrations, ensuring data security, and optimizing performance for every device.

Singular quality. Diverse platforms.

Mindgrub is at the forefront of mobile innovation, delivering native iOS, Android, and cross-platform React Native applications. From the sleek aesthetics of iOS to the broad reach of Android, we craft tailored experiences for every user.


People have a smartphone


People own smart watches

Native iOS Development

Leveraging Swift and Objective-C, Mindgrub creates elegant, intuitive applications that shine on Apple’s ecosystem. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, our apps are designed for excellence and seamless integration.

Native Android Development

Tapping into the vast world of Android, we employ Kotlin and Java to craft adaptable, high-performance apps. Recognizing Android’s diverse device ecosystem, we ensure compatibility and optimal user experience across all screen sizes and resolutions.

React Native

For projects that seek a consistent experience across both iOS and Android, Mindgrub harnesses the power of React Native. Achieving near-native performance, we reduce time-to-market, while maintaining the unique feel of each platform.


By harnessing C# and .NET, Mindgrub can utilize Xamarin to craft cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, and Windows from a shared codebase. This unified approach ENABLES consistent functionality and a quicker development cycle while preserving each platform’s unique user experience.


Mindgrub embraces Flutter’s widget-based architecture to craft visually stunning and fluid mobile apps. Dart, Flutter’s resident language, empowers us to achieve a reactive UI with great performance across both iOS and Android platforms.


“Empowering our customers by giving them innovative tools to help simplify their lives and make it easy for them to do business with us is a top priority.”

- Eileen Saunders, Vice President of Customer Services, LG&E and KU

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