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Revolutionizing utility customer experience with digital innovation

Mindgrub is committed to redefining the utility customer experience by creating innovative digital solutions that not only streamline processes but also create memorable and delightful interactions for customers. With our deep expertise in both custom software development and human centered design, we're the perfect digital partner to elevate your utility.

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Supporting dynamic customer ecosystems

Mindgrub helps utilities fundamentally transform the way they interact with their customers. By providing highly tailored digital experiences that adapt in real-time to a wide array of customer needs—from individual residential to large-scale industrial clients—we empower your customers to self-serve and collaborate with your team.

Our team will use design and technology to keep your customers in focus and to improve your C&I experience.

Award winning utility mobile apps

Great apps are built on deep integrations with your technology stack, exposing information and functionality to customers in safe, secure, reliable ways. That’s why residents of some of America’s largest metro areas – from Chicago to Philly, and Louisville to New Orleans – benefit from Mindgrub’s work.

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Seamless customer experiences

We’ll help you create a seamless, cohesive omnichannel experience across all your digital platforms. This includes enhancing experience design and using best-in-class development practices to make the user journey efficient and enjoyable. Whether it’s mobile apps, bill pay, outage, the start/stop/move journey, or any of the many interactions you’ll have with your customers, a focus on omni channel CX experiences enables simpler interactions and drives goal attainment.

Whether your team uses JavaScript.NET, or one of the many other languages we support, we’ve got you covered.

Empowering our customers by giving them innovative tools to help simplify their lives and make it easy for them to do business with us is a top priority.

Eileen Saunders, Vice President of Customer Services, LG&E and KU

Leading change in a dynamic landscape

Interactions with customers are increasingly digital. Customer expectations are driven by changes in adjacent industries, and utilities need to provide a high level of service to meet those expectations.


Utility customers don't think their provider is using the tools that work best


Gen Z customers prefer a mobile app to interact with their utility providers

  • Two iphones displaying UI design for the Exelon app
Redefining the mobile experience for hundreds of thousands of utility customers
  • In keeping with Exelon's commitment to customer experience innovation, they partnered with Mindgrub to launch native mobile applications for their BGE, ComEd, and PECO operating companies.
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Deep personalization

Personalization is key to customer satisfaction. For a data-rich organizations, customers expect each interaction to be tailored to their unique needs. Whether it’s showing bill pay options for those who haven’t cleared their dues or displaying storm information ahead of an upcoming weather event, we can make your platform adapt in real-time to individual user needs.

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Serving your full customer base

Many digital solutions prioritize residential. While this is important, it’s time to offer something tailored for your commercial and industrial clients. Mindgrub can design specialized platforms or add segmented features to your existing ones, effectively serving this important customer base. In addition to our world-class development capabilities, we prioritize UX and CX for utilities and their customers.

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EV program integration

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, utility companies are racing to embrace this change. While the grid is changing, customer expectations are, too. We can integrate EV-specific data and programs into your existing digital platforms, offering value-added services to this growing segment of your customer base. This focus on innovation is one of the many things that’s made Mindgrub an ideal technology partner for utilities.

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