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Equipping a renowned industrial cybersecurity brand with a best-in-class website experience


Dragos is a global leader in industrial cybersecurity, safeguarding critical infrastructure from a myriad of cyber threats. Dragos arms industrial defenders around the world with the knowledge and tools to protect their systems as effectively and efficiently as possible.

To better position the company as the leading voice in the industry, Dragos engaged Mindgrub to reenvision their flagship web property. Mindgrub designed and built a new website that offers innovative functionality, a strong brand narrative, and a bold, modern look and feel.

Our Services

  • Content Strategy
  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Strategy
  • UX
  • Web Development

The Opportunity

As automation continues to transform global industry, cyber criminals are more likely than ever to target industrial control systems (ICS). Dragos’ new website is the go-to resource for ICS security, directing industry leaders to the solutions they need and presenting critically important information in a meaningful way.

Closeup of a server hardware with green lights

Our Approach

Due to risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic, this cross-departmental project was conducted remotely from start to finish. Information gathered from discovery sessions, stakeholder interviews, technical assessments, and content audits helped us develop a detailed roadmap that guided us through each phase of the project.

Leveraging agile software development and project management methodologies, we successfully built an experience that moves site visitors through specific user journeys to achieve desired outcomes.

Engaging web experiences start with a tailored strategy that incorporates the best elements of content, design, and development.

Impactful Design & Content Strategy

We developed a sophisticated design system and content strategy for the new website based on Dragos’ new brand positioning and messaging framework. Incorporating the following elements allowed us to increase the site’s relevance to all of their key audience segments, which included users in specific industries and professionals with varying levels of maturity within the ICS cybersecurity industry:

  • Brand-inspired design system

    Interpret and evolve brand guidelines; apply consistent, scalable design elements across the site

  • User journey mapping

    Visualize and optimize the user experience

  • Analytics audit

    Identify opportunities for optimization and ensure accurate reporting

  • Collaborate with GatherContent

    Upload and populate content during site transition using a tool purpose-built to ensure consistency

  • Content discovery matrix

    Visualize and improve how site content is connected

Awe-Inspiring Functionality

These creative elements elevate the experience for website visitors while making it easier for the Dragos team to update and scale the website in the future.

Parallax Storytelling

Guide visitors using interactive storytelling and motion design

Teal and black timeline with electric grid workers

Flexible Content Cards

Easily organize and visualize content

A dark background with boxes of white and green text on top

Dynamic Components

Implement changes to meet new user expectations and growing demands

Dark navigation UI with custom illustrations

Custom Icon Library

Simplify the management of branded icons

A black background with green and blue illustrations in the foreground

Custom Illustrations

Provide web visitors with a unique, engaging visual experience

A green and blue illustration of boxes going through a series of conveyer belts
A black background with green and blue Dragos themed illustrations

Efficiency with Gutenberg

To enhance the overall design of the WordPress website and improve the team’s editing experience, we recommended that Dragos switch from using the Divi theme to Gutenberg. As a native WordPress solution, the Gutenberg block editor is vastly preferable over third-party alternatives, providing a convenient way to reorder and visualize content on web pages.

Our team leveraged core Gutenberg blocks (i.e., headings, paragraphs, and quotes) and created blocks to accommodate complex designs and custom fields for more flexible displays and better control over animations and colors. These custom-built blocks allow team members to manage layouts with sliders and scrolling headlines, while the overall Gutenberg editing experience affords efficiency in adding and modifying content and pages.

Black and white boxes demonstrating the flexibility of Gutenburg blocks

Our new website looks terrific! Throughout the project, we collaborated with Mindgrub to navigate many requests, changes, and competing priorities. Mindgrub’s team was objective, focused on what it would take to get the job done, provided us with creative alternatives, and successfully got us to market!

Peter Vescuso, CMO, Vice President of Marketing, Dragos

Results that Matter

Soon after the site launched, there was a 170% increase in page views, an 82% increase in pages per session, and a 20% increase in session duration. Though these findings are preliminary, they are an indication that site visitors are more engaged with the content. Our SEO efforts and content strategy also contributed to a 14.4% increase in organic search traffic and a 31% increase in new users.

The new website has received two Silver w3 Awards for Website Redesign and Best Website User Experience as well as a Communicator Award of Distinction for Website Redesign. The Dragos and Mindgrub teams continue to collaborate to reinforce Dragos’ reputation as a leader in the ICS industry.


increase in session duration


percent increase in organic search traffic