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For more than 20 years, Mindgrub has been breaking new ground on the web. Our team has embraced JavaScript (and TypeScript) to support workflows on both the front-end and back-end.

One language. Many options.

Mindgrub is creating interactive experiences using React, Vue, and Angular, powering dynamic websites and web applications. Our team uses GraphQL as well as traditional REST APIs. We also leveage Node.js on the back-end, though JavaScript’s flexibility lets us work with other tech stacks too.

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Industry-leading partnerships

More than design and functionality, great websites run on reliable platforms. Mindgrub has developed strategic partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These represent the industry leading platforms for hosting your next web app.

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JavaScript powers the web

JavaScript is universally supported due to its widespread adoption, versatility, and constant evolution. Its impact includes web development and mobile apps, server-side programming, data visualization, and even AI, making it a central player in the modern tech landscape.


Browsers supporting JavaScript


JavaScript developers


First released over 10 years ago, React changed the game. It introduced a component-based framework with a virtual DOM and one-way data flow. React has been a go-to library for quickly creating interactive websites and web applications.

React is now used by more than 12 million websites, and 40% of the top 10k websites. Whether on its own, or as part of Next.js, React is one of Mindgrub’s most relied-upon Javascript libraries.

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Vue offers an adaptable and approachable to modern JavaScript app development. It offers a smaller core focus than React or Angular, allowing developers the flexibility to choose their own approach to routing and state management.

Vue is used by more than 1.6 million websites, and 20% of the top 10k websites. Mindgrub uses Vue.js for Single Page Applications (SPAs) where app size and time-to-market are top concerns.


Among the common JavaScript (and TypeScript) technologies, Angular is the most all-encompassing. Often used by large teams who rely on consistency and its excellent documentation.

Angular is used by nearly a million websites, and 23% of the top 10k websites. Mingrub uses Angular primarily for enterprise offerings built by large development teams.

JavaScript enables rich, interactive, responsive experiences across all platforms. We love its performance and the overall developer experience.

Ben Slavin, SVP Strategy and Design, Mindgrub


JavaScript isn’t just for front-end development, and Node.js has shown its full server-side potential. Node’s asynchronous, non-blocking, architecture enables incredible throughput and performance.

Node is used by more than 30 million websites, including PayPal, LinkedIn, Medium, Netflix, Walmart, eBay, and more. Mindgrub uses Node.js for custom backends with high-throughput and complex integrations.

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