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Transform Your Business with Mindgrub’s AI Expertise

Pioneering the Fusion of Technology and Creativity Since 2002

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Since 2002, Mindgrub has been exploring the nexus between technology and creativity to solve complex business problems. Today, few technologies offer more potential to transform experiences and unlock value than AI. Our team of curious developers, strategic designers, and analytical data scientists thrive at the frontier applying innovations like machine learning to create real competitive advantage for clients.

Why choose Mindgrub?

At Mindgrub, we don’t just navigate the cutting edge of AI; we transform its capabilities into practical, custom solutions for your business needs. Our specialists are perpetual learners, staying ahead with the latest techniques, while our strategists are laser-focused on untangling your highest-value challenges.

Our full lifecycle support guarantees that your systems consistently yield maximum ROI, all while maintaining a human touch. Our approach isn’t about AI replacing your team; it’s about creating solutions that seamlessly collaborate with humans. The design philosophy driving our operational solutions is rooted in ethics and responsibility, creating AI partnerships that your customers and employees can trust. When you choose Mindgrub, you opt for an AI experience that works efficiently and aligns with your organization’s principles and priorities.

The AI Process: 1. Define the Problem and Collect Data, 2. Choose and Train the Model, 3. Test and Validate the Model, 4. Deploy and Maintain the Model.

AI Sprint 0

Rapidly develop foundation models focused on your industry. Prime models with your data and terminology to create targeted content engines, brand persona generators, and proposal bots in weeks.

AI Development

Custom model development tailored to your needs. Alternative data analysis for new insights. Prototype and iterate new AI application concepts. 

Enterprise AI Deployment

Integrate AI across your tech stack. Ensure scalability, security, and reliability. Includes monitoring and maintenance for ongoing optimization.

Conversational Chatbots

Design exceptional chatbot and voice interactions to handle sophisticated dialogues and queries. Integrate with your contact center, sales, and support systems.

Unlock the Potential of Ethical AI with Mindgrub

At Mindgrub, we understand the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in today’s tech landscape. As software development and robotics experts, we’re committed to harnessing AI for efficiency, productivity, and innovation while prioritizing human well-being and safety.

That’s why we’ve integrated the Asimov Test into our approach. By embracing Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics,” we ensure that our AI solutions adhere to ethical principles while safeguarding against any potential harm to humans. It’s our commitment to responsible AI development and ensuring a positive impact on society.

Illustrated representation of ethical AI that features a silhoutte of a human head with diodes and a scales of justice with binary code.

The Mindgrub Asimov Test in Action

  • Assessment of AI Capabilities

    Our team will evaluate various AI systems to gauge their impact on human safety.

  • Policy Definition Assistance

    Then we’ll help your business establish ethical AI usage policies.

  • Comprehensive AI Assessment

    Next, our AI specialists will conduct a rigorous examination of codebase, data usage, and output to identify risks.

  • Actionable Recommendations

    Finally, we’ll provide detailed steps to mitigate potential harm to humans.

It has seemed to me that the limits of what AI can do in this field are still being explored and it’s been interesting to ask the questions of what is possible and see what it gives back.

Helen Hess, BSO Violist

Use Cases Powered by AI

  • Recommendation Systems

    Apply machine learning to analyze behavior and transactions to predict individual preferences and serve hyper-personalized suggestions.

  • Conversational Interfaces

    Chatbots and virtual assistants that interact conversationally with customers to automate inquiries and enhance self-service.

  • Semantic Information Extraction

    Unlock insights from unstructured data through natural language processing techniques including classification, entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and more.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Identify outliers and exceptions from normal behavior in time series data to prevent fraud, equipment failures, or other issues.

  • Predictive Data Analytics

    Make more informed decisions using historical data to forecast future needs and trends for staffing, inventory, sales, etc.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Detect unauthorized transactions and attempted fraud by recognizing patterns and anomalies in usage data.

  • Business Intelligence

    Gain a competitive advantage by using AI and machine learning to derive strategic insights from all your business data.

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