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AI for innovative business performance

At Mindgrub, we're experienced in using the top AI technology platforms to produce inventive experiences. Our solutions enable businesses to seamlessly integrate AI into their workflows, train models using data lakes or custom knowledge bases, generate top-quality images and content, and enhance conversion rates by offering recommendations and personalized experiences. Trust us to help you harness the power of AI in your business.

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Powered by artificial intelligence.

We work with the leading AI technology platforms to create innovative experiences. Always experimenting, we’ve created our own Chatbot using ChatGPT technology.

Meet Grubby

"We all know AI will be a game-changer. The trick is knowing its strengths and weaknesses, and using it to solve real-world problems. That's where Mindgrub comes in."

- Ben Slavin, SVP of Strategy and Design at Mindgrub


Bots can have unique personalities and be trained on custom or proprietary knowledge bases. These intelligent bots can help customers find answers quickly with AI, and can understand and respond using natural language.

AI-Driven Personalization

The more we know our customers, the better we can craft an experience for your users. Recommendation engines use the power of AI to incorporate information from a user’s surfing habits and CRM data to create a web experience curated by the content they want. Increase site stickiness, lead conversions, or product sales by connecting customers with what they want and need.

Marketing Automation and Generative AI

Speed up your creative flow by generating the start of blog postings or incorporating generated images or other content such as music or video. Generated images can significantly reduce the cost of stock art for heavy image sites while maintaining a consistent look and theme across your website.

OpenAI and AWS Implementations

Our partners provide AI services that allow real-time translation, moderation, transcribing, and more. By integrating this service, we can help companies better manage user-generated content, translate content on the fly, or build custom responses to search criteria using a customer’s knowledge base.