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Armada Health

Building an intuitive healthcare portal to match patients with the right providers


ArmadaHealth is a leading health data science and services company on a mission to remove the friction in the healthcare continuum for patients and their families. ArmadaHealth combines big data analytics and expert clinical insights to provide consumers with a trusted and accurate source of information when choosing their physicians.

In making their flagship product extensible to member-facing healthcare organizations, ArmadaHealth contracted with Mindgrub to develop an enterprise-grade, web-based software platform.

Our Services

  • Quality Assurance
  • System Integration
  • UX
  • Web Development

The Opportunity

Many people recognize the challenges and costs associated with the healthcare industry, but properly connecting patients and providers often gets overlooked as part of the solution. According to studies conducted by the American Medical Association and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, many healthcare network directories are inaccurate and cause coverage issues for patients seeking care.

ArmadaHealth created QualityCare ConnectSM to help consumers and organizations easily navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. To streamline the process for their B2B customers, ArmadaHealth produced the QualityCare Navigator Agent Portal and worked with Mindgrub to make the platform scalable, secure, performant, and user-friendly.

Illustration of two doctors holding puzzle pieces with text and a call to action to the left
A doctor and patient face each other at a table, only their arms are showing

Unique Approach

ArmadaHealth differentiated their system from competitor products by leveraging proven, professional insights and diagnosis-level data to power its algorithm, creating a one-of-a-kind platform in the industry. The agent portal takes more detailed clinical and personal information into account when matching patients with providers. For example, the portal can help a healthcare coordinator match a patient looking for a cardiologist who also specializes in diabetes or a patient looking for a doctor who is bilingual.

To learn more about ArmadaHealth’s pain points with the existing system and their desired outcomes for the new portal, we conducted tailored discovery exercises and comprehensive stakeholder interviews.

The new agent portal needed to be:

  • Scalable and robust
  • Seamlessly integrated with other systems used by agents
  • Intuitive for users of various levels of technological literacy
  • Customizable to support new requirements, roles, and features
  • Designed in compliance with AKF Scale Cube
  • Adherent to stringent security requirements, including HIPAA
  • Live within a predetermined time frame (thus requiring a quick development cycle)

Applying UX best practices to powerful software systems delivers customer success.

Welcome screen from the Armada Health portal
My Cases screen from the Armada Health portal

System Integration & Development

It was important to the ArmadaHealth team that the custom portal functioned in their existing technological ecosystem, within which Salesforce plays a major role. We documented a detailed business process map, a data mapping plan, and business rules to ensure that the integration between the agent portal and ArmadaHealth’s Salesforce instance would be seamless and secure.

We also leveraged the following to achieve our goal:

  • Bundled user interface (UI) layers

    providing flexibility for future use

  • GraphQL for data-driven APIs

    revealing a single endpoint to the UI

  • Custom agent, administrative, and account services

    meeting specific business functionality needs

  • ArmadaHealth’s existing user questionnaire

    allowing questions and answers to be edited in one place for all systems

  • Auth0

    facilitating single sign-on for ArmadaHealth’s B2B customers

Member search screen from the Armada Health portal
Member profile from the Armada Health portal

Since launching the Agent Portal, health plans, advocacy groups and other care delivery models have found significant value in their agents’ ability to now access high quality physician navigation services. The feedback on how intuitive the product is and how seamlessly it works has been outstanding across the board.

Susan Torroella, COO, Armadahealth

Results that Matter

The updated agent portal helped position ArmadaHealth as a leader in improving outcomes in the healthcare industry. They were the first to create a Navigation-as-a-Service outsourcing business, marketed to other businesses that assist healthcare consumers with broader services.

By creating a more robust, convenient, and cohesive platform, Mindgrub helped ArmadaHealth connect a high volume of patients with life-changing care. ArmadaHealth’s services have boosted Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) scores and provided a more personalized approach to holistic healthcare.