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Dark Web ID

A Fresh Face for Cybersecurity: Revamping A Trusted Platform


As the leader in dark web monitoring, security training, and process management, ID Agent provides cybersecurity solutions to private and public sector entities across the world. Dark Web ID is ID Agent’s flagship product that delivers validated intelligence to identify, analyze, and monitor compromised or stolen employee and customer data.

To uphold their mission of delivering people-centric security solutions, ID Agent contracted with Mindgrub to improve Dark Web’s user experience and visual design, scale its infrastructure and capabilities, and create data visualization dashboards to advance its suite of monitoring functionality through two distinct project phases.

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The Opportunity

Research shows over half of companies have more than 1,000 sensitive files open to every employee. It’s no wonder that 68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing (source: Accenture). To meet this critical need, ID Agent sought to improve its secure, robust Dark Web ID platform that proactively monitors compromised password threats to an organization.

Our Approach

Mindgrub was involved with Dark Web ID during two critical project phases (1.0 and 2.0). From the start, the information architecture, navigation, and user experience of the existing digital application dashboard were enhanced with responsive design to ensure a smooth user experience.

New dashboard features were implemented, including automated support forums and improved filtering and sorting abilities. Interactive graphs and PDF/CSV reports were added, making it easier for users to sort through, visualize, and understand their data. This data visualization simplifies the steps needed to take appropriate action against security threats. All of Dark Web ID’s existing clients were migrated to the new platform.

In addition to improved dashboard features, Mindgrub also constructed a unified brand and identity for Dark Web ID, which included the new dashboard design and a sleek new logo. Mindgrub used this new branding to write and construct a user’s guide for all Dark Web ID members to get acclimated to the new, polished site.

Phase 1.0

  • Gitlab using Drupal 7.0

    For development and deployment management

  • MySQL database

    Primary relational data storage

  • AWS-hosted resources

    Making management easy.

  • Monitoring

    The primary Dark Web ID feature

  • Live search

    Allows partners to conduct a live search of the CSID API to reveal dark web results

  • Spotlight

    Engages users in an identity protection service

Phase 2.0

Dark Web 2.0 focused on critical structure and organizational improvements to make the application more user-friendly and accessible. The Mindgrub DevOps team developed a plan to rebuild the application on an API/Laravel tech stack, away from its existing Drupal platform. Additionally, our team added more organization “tiers” that helped Dark Web transition from its user role-based pricing model to a subscription pricing model.

  • BullPhish

    Tests and educates users on security awareness and phishing attacks

  • Marketing banner

    A configurable, sticky banner that allows the Dark Web team to add valuable and timely content for certain users to see and interact with

  • Directory integration

    An active directory of organizations that is used to create directory groups and determine which emails within their own domain have been compromised

  • Email white labeling

    Allows users to update compromise overview emails to include partner branding

Results that Matter

Dark Web ID is now the leading dark web monitoring platform in the Channel, earning a 5/5 star rating on Capterra and multiple awards from industry leaders such as Datto, CRN, and ChannelPro Network.

In 2019, ID Agent was acquired by Kaseya, the leading provider of complete IT infrastructure management solutions for managed service providers and internal IT organizations. With the acquisition, Kaseya was able to enhance its user protection and infrastructure protection in a single, robust security suite.


Rating on Captera


Preferred solution from Datto, CRN, and ChannelPro Network