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Pierce Atwood

How a New England based law firm leveraged rebranding to become nationally recognized


Pierce Atwood LLP has been soundly planted in Portland, Maine for more than 125 years. Over that time the firm gained a prestigious, yet somewhat quiet reputation for the quality and integrity of its work. In 2010, management decided to rebrand the firm, with a vision on expansion throughout the northeast and beyond.

Beginning with a brand discovery process, Mindgrub mindfully retained the important legacy elements of its existing brand, while moving the new visual identity and image in a more progressive, contemporary direction. The integrated plan for re-introduction of the firm included a wide swath of new communications vehicles, from websites, to advertising, to collateral, to digital marketing and signage systems, and more.

The firm now resides in seven locations from Washington, D.C. to Portland, Oregon with notable growth in Boston, Massachusetts. This has been a strategic and complex journey, but a gratifying one. The Pierce Atwood and Mindgrub team has worked closely together over the years, and continues to push the firm’s print and digital presence.

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